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Bertolini THY 2715: 2175 psi @ 6.1 US gpm, Hi-Pressure Pump w/ Hydraulic Motor

Bertolini Pumps



This hydraulic powered pump from the Bertolini THY series can output over 2,000 psi of pressure and is fitted with the new Bertolini sealing system for longer life and efficiency. The pump features a brass head, a crankshaft with premium oversized ball bearings, and valve caps fitted with a new sealing system designed for high pressure and to prevent accidental over pressure.

  • Pump mechanism: Triplex plunger
  • Inlet: ½
  • Outlet:
  • Oil grade: SAE 75W-90
  • Compatibility: Hydraulic powered pump that hooks up to a machine or vehicle that uses hydraulic power.
Max. Pressure (PSI) 950 RPM 1450 RPM 1725 RPM  Oil Pressure
Flow (GPM) Power (HP) Flow (GPM) Power (HP) Flow (GPM) Power (HP) PSI
2175 4.1 6.1 6.1 9.2 7.1 10.6 1450
HYDRAULIC MOTOR OIL FLOW 5.8 - 8.4 - 10 - -
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Bertolini Pumps
THY 2715
2,175 psi (150 bar)
Flow rate:
6.1 US gpm (23.2 L/min)
10.6 hp
Max. 1,725