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Canpump Electric Pressure Washer: 7.5 hp Motor 230 V, Triplex Pump


$1,680.00 - $2,150.00
$1,680.00 - $2,150.00


NOTE: This product requires shipping by freight and is only available for shipping within Canada and the contiguous US. It is currently out of stock in the US.

This pressure washer is available with options pairing a 7.5 hp Canpump solid shaft electric motor to either a Canpump or Bertolini hollow shaft triplex pump. It provides the power you need for industrial cleaning maintenance and general-purpose cleaning.

  • Includes a detachable unloader valve (pressure regulator)
  • Completely customizable with our professional line of accessories of spray guns, foam kits, turbo rotating nozzles and more
  • Commercial-grade pump and motor fully serviceable through our line of spare parts and repair kits
Canpump motor specs

Motor: Canpump - 7.5 hp, NEMA 184T flange
Voltage: 230 V, 60 Hz, Single-Phase
Current: 33 amp
Speed: 1,734 rpm

Bertolini TMH 3040 specs

Shaft: 1⅛ hollow shaft
Max. pressure: 3000 psi (210 bar)
Max. flow rate:
4 US gpm (15 L/min)
Inlet: ½ on pump, ¾ garden hose on unloader
Outlet: on pump, ⅜ quick-connect on unloader
Pump oil grade: SAE 75W-90

Canpump CE 2542 E specs

Pump mechanism: Triplex plunger
Max. pressure: 2500 psi (175 bar)
Max. flow rate:
4.25 US gpm (16 L/min)
Unloader valve: Detachable (bolt-on) unloader valve, pressure-adjustable with 20:1 detergent injector and built-in water filter
Inlet: ¾ standard garden hose
Outlet: ⅜" Quick-connect
Includes: Detergent tube with strainer and operating manual with spare parts list
Oil grade: SAE 15W-40 oil


Extra Information

7.5 hp
Half speed
230 V
33 amp
2,500-3,000 psi (175-210 bar)
Flow rate:
4.0-4.25 US gpm (15.0-16.0 L/min)