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Check Valves + O-rings (Kit #123) for General Pump Series 44/51/63/63 HT-HTS




Replacement valves + o-rings kit for General Pump and Interpump high-pressure pumps.

General Pump / Interpump Kit Pump models
Kit no. 123 For General Pump Models: T1209, T1212, T1508, TT1508, TT1510, TT1511, TT1512, TT1513, TT9061, TT9071, TT9091, EH1413, EH1416, EH2009, EH2011, EL1411, EL1413, EL1714, EL2007, EL2009, UH2008, UH2011, UH2013, UH2016, UL1413, UL1415, UL2009, UL2011, EZ3040, EZ404
For Interpump Models: W97, W112, W124, W130, W140, W150, W154, W170, W950, W951, W952, W953, W954, W955, W956, W957, W958, W959, WW116, WW136, WW156, WW176, WW186, WW189, WW206, WW209, WW960, WW961, WW962, WW963, WW964, WW965, W1208, W1210, W1507, WW906, WW907, WW909, WW1508, WW1509, WW1510, WW1511, WW1513
Included Part Numbers: 90.3841.00 O-Ring – 36.2001.76 Valve Plate – 94.7376.00 Spring – 36202551 Valve Cage – 36200366 Valve Seat


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