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Comet LWD 3522 E: 2200 psi @ 3.4 US gpm, 5/8-in Shaft Pressure Washer Pump




The Italian-made Comet LWD 3522 E is a full-speed (3,400 rpm) premium pump for direct-drive electric motors with ⅝ shafts. What makes a Comet triplex plunger pump stand out is the highly durable brass heads that house the hydraulic function of the pump. These triplex pumps also feature mechanical-kinematic system in the crankcase and a hydraulic seal system on the pumping pistons and suction/delivery valves.

  • Forged bronze connecting rods
  • Hardened stainless-steel piston guides
  • High-efficiency stainless-steel check valves
  • Abrasion-proof, heat-resistant, industrial ceramic plungers
  • High-quality Buna-textile double-sealing V-packings
  • Die-cast, anodized aluminum crankshaft-fin design for optimal operating temperature
  • High-quality oversized ball bearings
  • Optimal oil bath for high-speed operation

Model: LWD 3522 E
Pressure: 2200 psi (150 bar)
Flow rate: 3.4 US gpm (12.8 L/min)
Power: 5 hp
RPM: 3400
Shaft size (diameter): Ø ⅝″
Shaft style: Hollow Shaft for Electric Motors
Inlet: ½″
Outlet: ⅜″
Pump head: Brass
Oil capacity: 11 fl oz
Weight: 13-13.4 lbs
Max temperature: 140° F (60° C)

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Extra Information

LWD 3522 E
2,200 psi (150 bar)
Flow rate:
3.4 US gpm (12.8 L/min)
5.0 hp
Full speed

Warranty Information

5 years