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P.A. UR25: 1/4-in F Rotating Nozzle, 3650 psi




Note: Size 030 is currently out of stock in Canada.

Click here to access the nozzle chart for properly sizing your nozzles for your pressure washer

The PA turbo nozzle delivers faster and deeper cleaning action providing a powerful oscillating jet of water for pressure washers rated up to 3650 psi. While standard spray nozzles do a great job of cleaning, with the PA rotary nozzle, you can cut cleaning time in half. Ideal for cleaning brick, concrete and vinyl, this turbo nozzle cleans faster than standard nozzles. Simply connect the turbo spray nozzle to any standard quick-connect, cold water, gas pressure wand.

Inlet: ¼ F
Rated pressure: 3650 psi (250 bar)
Min. flow rate: 1.2 (02 - 1450 psi) US gpm / 4.3 (02 - 100 bar) L/min
Max. flow rate: 7.7 (08 - 3650 psi) US gpm / 29 (08 - 250 bar) L/min
Min. operating pressure: 1150 psi (80 bar)
Rated temperature: 212 °F (100 °C)
Min. operating temperature: 41 °F (5 °C)

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