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GC Kit #3: Complete Seal Kit for Canpump Triplex Pumps, Ø 15mm




Original spare parts complete seal kit for Canpump triplex pumps, Ø 15mm

GC Kit #33: CF 3030 G, CF 3222 GB, CF 3040 G, CF 3257 G, CF 3647 G, CF 4040 G, CF 4048 G, CF 1520 EH, CF 1522 E, CF 2530 E, CF 2530 EH, CF 3030 E14, CF 2732 S, CF 3230 S, CF 3434 S

Former Models: 3WZ-1506.5A, 3WZ-1510A, 3WZ-15085A, 3WZ-1512A, 3WZ 1504.5 C, 3WZ 1509 C, 3WZ-1512C, 3WZ-1506C, 3WZ-1507B, 3WZ-1512B, 3WZ-1514B

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