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Canpump Pumps - Manufacturing Process & Features

Canpump Pumps - Manufacturing Process & Features

Published by Frank on 23rd Nov 2022

All our pump kits feature a forged brass head and anodized aluminum body construction with a pressure-adjustable unloader valve, an in-line water filter and a fixed-rate detergent injector.

  • Forged brass manifold for high strength and corrosion resistance
  • Die-cast anodized aluminium alloy crankcase with large cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation
  • German-made packing seals from Parker
  • Stainless steel pop-off valve thermal relief valve to protect the pump from overheating
  • Hardened, precision grinding crankshaft for maximum durability and long life
  • Solid stainless steel, ceramic coated, precision grinded plunger
  • Ball and roller bearings for maximum life and load distribution


Premium Unloader Bypass Assembly (optional)

All Canpump triplex plunger pumps feature a modular design with a detachable unloader valve that can be replaced or upgraded. Some pump models come pre-fitted with a premium Italian-made external unloader bypass valve by PA S.p.A.

  • Additional length of the external bypass hose allows water to cool down to an extent compared to built-in unloaders
  • Delays overheating, extending the amount of time you can run a pressure washer in bypass mode without spraying
  • Can be replaced easily