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Our Upgraded Online Store: What You Need To Know

Our Upgraded Online Store: What You Need To Know

Published by Frank on 28th Nov 2022

We've been hard at work over the past several months at rebuilding our online store from scratch, and we're now proud to roll out this new, significantly upgraded shopping experience for our customers. We're also switching our web address from to the latter being easier to recollect, type as well as pronounce.

What's Changed

Passwords reset

Due to the secure nature of password storage on our now old online store platform, we aren't able to migrate them over to the new platform. Current customers can use the forgot password link on the sign-in/account page to generate a new password.

Alternatively, we also now have password-less sign functionality, accessible directly from our homepage. Use the 'Email me a sign in link' box on our homepage to send a one-time login link to your registered email address.

Past Order History

Your past order history will be accessible on our old site for a limited time, which can now be accessed at

What's New

Pretty much everything, but here are the major changes:


From being able to view a product's details more easily, to adding products and quantities to your cart with less clicks and less pages to sift through, to a cart that's easily modifiable, the new interface is built for a fast & fluid class-leading shopping experience whether you're on desktop or mobile.

We're also particularly proud of our new product filtering experience to help you narrow down your choices. A lot of effort was put into ensuring the filters are set up with accurate info—something that can't be said for the vast majority of ecommerce stores out there.


We're excited to announce a completely online B2B shopping experience for our B2B customers. Our new store is completely optimized for B2B, with features like a Quick Add by SKU box, a dedicated page to add multiple SKU, the ability to upload a .CSV file to add SKUs to cart, as well as automatically displaying B2B pricing to our B2B customers when they sign in to our store.


We've refreshed our product detail pages with more and accurate information, as well as better photos. Videos for many products are on the way as well.

Our customers can also now leave reviews for products they purchased, something that wasn't possible on the older platform due to certain limitations.

Checkout & Payments

We're now on a PCI-compliant platform adhering to the most stringent data security industry standards, which will allow our customers to be able to save payment information securely for faster checkouts should they wish to.

The checkout flow is also faster than ever, with address autocomplete suggestions, a buy now button to skip the cart page entirely and many more minor details.

What's Coming

We continue to build on this new platform and are working on releasing features like automated LTL shipping quotes as well as more content like informative product videos.